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Pack n Play for rent in Costa Rica

Pack n' Play 

  • Mattress (5 inches thick)

  • Clean sheets (same size as mattress)

  • Mosquito net

$12 daily / $ 8 daily more than 14 days
Graco swing.jpeg

Full Sized Crib

  • Mattress (5 inches thick)

  • Clean sheets (same size as mattress)

  • Limited Inventory

$20 daily


  • Plug-in option

  • This baby swings small frame design fits in any room of your home so you can easily keep baby close 

  • Gentle, side-to-side swaying motion soothes baby.

  • 2-speed vibration to help keep your baby calm and relaxed

$10 daily 

Baby Monitor

  • 49 MHZ (analog)

  • 2 channels to minimize interference 600+ ft range

  • Audio jack for listening w/earphones

  • Convertible belt clip / carry loop

$3 daily 

 Projection Sound Soother

  • Full room projection option or Calming Seas light show with “swimming” fish action

  • Plays up to 60 minutes of soothing music, white noise or sea nature sounds

$5 daily 

Pillow Wedge

  • 14 degree incline props up your child's head and body. 

  • Free from all harsh chemicals, including BPA, phthalates, and PBDEs (flame retardants)

  • Passes ALL Federal Regulations

$1 daily 
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